C r e a t i v e  S e r v i c e s



Yes, we’re a small business in the small town of Gallup New Mexico. (Yep, it’s a United State and Gallup has a rough reputation).

We’ve been doing creative work for the past 15 years, particularly in the area of printed material and graphic design. Doing graphic design has led to doing photography, which has led to doing video, which has led to doing more music (which was there before the graphic design). Underlying it all is an ethic for creating something that works well and that is beautiful, and that gets to the heart of YOUR story. Words, images, and melodies are our wheels.

Small can be beautiful. It’s allowed us to hone our skill set in a wide variety of medium, and to keep our appreciation of our clients’ grand vision.

You already know what a glyph is. It’s from greek and means “carving.” It rhymes with “cliff.” In typography,

it is synonymous with “symbol.” You’ve seen it associated with the word petroglyph, or hieroglyph. That’s not so strange, is it? Look to the left.

That’s my truck up there. It’s around 60 years old and still runs good. Dave Taylor lovingly crafted that drawing as the glyph engine logo. The word “engine” has connotations to locomotives, and I like that very much. Gallup is a train town. And that truck is definitely a loco-motive.

This website is here to show off what we can do. Feel free to peruse our samples by clicking on the links above. We’d love to help you any way we can.

—Theo Bremer-Bennett, Owner


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